Patents and Utility Models

We are highly satisfied to offer a full range of patent services, including:

  • EP Validation Services according to Article 65 of the European Patent Convention (EPC)
  • National Phase of the PCT procedures
  • Bulgarian National Patents for Inventions and Utility Model registrations

As the validation under art. 65 EPC is the most common way for obtaining protection for inventions, the information below is directed to the validation procedure, but can be referred respectively to all other procedures.


Receiving full protection under Art. 65 European Patent Convention (EPC)

We act directly before Bulgarian Patent Office (BPO), which is the national authority responsible for all industrial property objects in Bulgaria. The agency’s background includes a range of activities concerning establishing of rights and enforcement for the clients in most of the industries. When the industry is specific and requires special skills and knowledge, for example in the areas of biology, chemistry or pharmacy, we do cooperate with a specialists in a long established partnership, namely:

– Stanislava Stefanova, Ph.D., Biologist, Patent attorney;
– Hristina Voicheva, Ph.D. Pharmacist, Head Assistant, Department pharmaceutical technology and biopharmacy, Medical University, Sofia;
– Bogdana Galabova, Magister of pharmacy and lecturer in Medical College, Sofia;
– Maya Stankova, Pharmacist, Patent Attorney.

The benefits:

Relying on appropriate skills and knowledges of every team member, we believe that the customers will benefit from:
– the most current practices and science level in the field of invention, and
– keeping the patent issues in one place and on responsibility of the excellent established patent professionals.

Following the above, we believe that we can be of excellent and fully functional service, which can handle the whole range of the client’s interests.

Workflow and payment details:

We work at flat fees, payable via bank transfer, PayPal or Credit Card [How to order].

Questions and Answers (FAQ):

Q: What is the cost estimate for EP Validation in Bulgaria?

A: Please use our on-line fee calculator to calculate the exact price for the validation procedure in BG or ask us for quotation in case of inventions in the field of chemistry, when the patent contains structural formulas.

Q: Is it needed to translate the patent’s description and claims for receiving the protection trough the EP validation in Bulgaria?

A: Yes, the whole patent must be translated into Bulgarian. Bulgaria is not a party to the London Act yet.

Q: Who will translate the patent?

A: The patent is mainly translated using third party service and depending to the field of invention and language. The proofreading for accuracy and the special requirements are made by our attorneys and (if needed) by the specialist, depending to the field of invention. The translation always is extremely careful verified for accuracy and integrity by our attorneys.

Q: Is it acceptable to use the translation provided from the client’s side?

A: Yes, we can file the request for validation using the translation provided by the client. In this case the client is fully responsible for the translation accuracy.

Q: Can you handle the annuities?

A: We can proceed with the annual payments, if requested by the client. The next annual fee must be paid not later than the end of the month, on which the EP application was filed. Reminders will be send three months before the dead line.

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