Workflow details

We strive to adapt the workflow to the needs of the customer. Following are the most common steps of organization. We can offer various proven options of interaction.

  • Receiving instructions from the client. Instructions can be send using all possible ways for communication, including e-mail, fax, post or courier [contact details].
  • We acknowledge the receipt. Confirmation will be send to usually on the same working day, but not later than 48 hours.
  • Completing the requirements. The term for completion depends to the case. We also comply the client’s instructions.
  • Reporting the completion and sending documentation.
  • Monitoring deadlines. Timely reminders will be send free of charge.

Information concerning payments (details available on Invoices):

We work at flat fees, payable via bank transfer, PayPal or Credit Card (trough PayPal system). If you like to obtain an immediate quote, please send your request. We look forward to hearing from you.

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