Trademark Services


Having responded to numerous cases, our attorneys can quickly determine whether or not an effective action can be done. At your request, we can review the case and provide our recommendations, at no charge to you. When working on a case, we emphasize legal arguments, case law, and evidence which we have found to be persuasive, and not just quotation of the law texts. This approach has resulted in the best possible success rate, which depends on the specific facts of each case and the evidences that can be gathered.


  • Trademark - Bulgaria and EUTM registration
  • Observations against provisional refusals
  • Opposition/objection on trademarks designating Bulgaria or EU
  • Enforcement, border control and litigation (Bulgaria only)
  • Bulgaria/Europe trademark invalidation/revocation (cancellation)
  • Reviews and appeals


  • Applicant's name and address;
  • Representation of the mark, all digital formats are acceptable;
  • A list of the goods or services in accordance to the Nice Classification;
  • Priority certificate when priority is claimed (original needed);
  • (only for Bulgaria) Power of Attorney signed by the applicant, no legalization required.

EU Trademark Registration

In Bulgaria, as well as in the European Union, the opposition procedure is in force. The duration of smooth process is about 4-6 months and contains the following steps:

  • Trademark application will be executed from our side usually on the same or next working day
  • Our filing report will follow within 24 hours
  • Examination usually takes up to one month
  • Announcement for application publication will be send when examination is completed
  • Registration will be issued if no oppositions are received within 3 months from application publication

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