Protecting intellectual property

ZLATAREVI has been trusted for objectivity and professionalism in the protection of intellectual property since 1997. Our attorneys are highly specialized in intellectual property matters covering Bulgaria and European Union. Find details about the company and attorneys.

Practice Areas


Having responded to numerous cases, we can determine whether an effective action can be done.

Utility Models

Our qualified patent attorneys are highly satisfied to offer a full range of patent services.

IP Litigation

Case review and recommendations. We act directly before the official authorities.

Workflow Details

We strive to adapt the workflow to the needs of the customer. Following are the most common steps of organization. We can offer various proven options of interaction. See how to send requests and orders.

Latest Testimonials

"Objectively opinion and overall assistance in implementing the decisions - that is what I relied on working with ZLATAREVI."

Maya Gerasimova

"I can not afford additional risks on projects that I manage. Professionals from ZLATAREVI are those that I trust."

Petar Iliev

"I entrust them professional services for years. ZLATAREVI always provide objective, competent and responsible advice."

Konstantin Markov